The rules (simple):

After 90-Days from the start of your program, you must achieve one or more of the following:

- Reduce your Body Fat %
- Maintain your Start Weight or Shed the Final Few
- Increase your Lean Body Mass

You are also required to:

- Complete the online Weight Management University courses

At the end of the program, regardless of what the scale shows, you will have earned a $100 Results product credit for completing the Weight Management University and ending the challenge at or below the body fat % you started with.

What is even more amazing about this program is that after you earn your $100 credit, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance at $1,000 Cash!

First you put in $99, and you can earn $100 back. On top of that, you get a chance at $1,000. All just for pushing for those final few and at least maintaining your weight!

The goal is to learn to live lean and set new goals while getting additional incentives and accountability to achieve those final few pounds of your weight management goals.

This program is open to everyone. There is no minimum weight loss required.

Many of us still have those "Final Few" pounds and need some more incentive to stay on track. So, as an added incentive, for every pound of body fat you lose during your program, you will earn 1 additional entry. Each pound gets you another chance at $1,000!

Let's get and stay after it with the FINAL FEW.


(Open exclusively to Members of Results Transformation Centers )