It's YOUR Time Sparks and a Reno Results FitFam!

Hey FitFam.

We have just a quick heart felt message for you, with some of more of the why and story behind the recent structural changes here at Sparks with the remodel.  We want you to know we absolutely appreciate you and are thankful for your trust in this process.  You know, we were talking and this remodel is somewhat similar to some of our own transformations and progress of changing habits, as these things can take a little time. So again, thank you for your patience as we finish up!

Check out our FB video message here:

Results Sparks - Video Update 🙂 click me!

Remember Team, the most important thing is with any type of transition or change is keeping a positive outlook/attitude and right now please let nothing stop you from starting those goals in 2018!!! We are so excited to finish up this BIG remodel project, and ready to help you all tackle your own Transformations 🙂

In fact, quick side note...there is still time to hop in on the Member Partner Challenge!!

With the early bird pricing til Saturday’s gonna be EPIC.. check this out and use the link to register online, we can even find a partner for you!

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