First of all, I  want to say, I  am sorry.

Second, I  want to say, I  am embarrassed.

A little case of DARNED if you DO and DARNED if you DON'T!

I  sent out an email to our Sacramento and Yolo County Results TC Fit Fam and really, it should have never applied to Placer County and Reno Nevada

But like a lot of things, we handled it the same company-wide.

I got it wrong.

It seems I got it wrong BOTH times.

You see, we opened the NV Results TC in Sparks first.

After that Rocklin was next!

Great turn out.

Packed sessions.

We knew we needed an expansion in sparks and to free up a little more space in Rocklin..

After we opened you told us you loved it.

However many of our fit fam "lost their minds" when they found out some of their favorite session times were full in Sparks.

Others were rude and hostile to the team because they could not get the time they wanted.

Many (probably most) have been very flexible and understanding. 

Make no mistakes about it, Rocklin & Sparks, we feel the LOVE....

But it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone.

So with that, I want to give you my apologies.

The fit fam in Sacramento and Yolo County seemed to be torn down the middle. 

Half want to return.  Half do not.

The people of Placer County have shown they NEVER STOPPED being ready.

Rocklin/Roseville online attendance was #1 in CA

And daily attendance in CA now!

That is because of YOU!

I spoke with Consuelo and the team tonight and we decided to give you the best of all worlds.

Finally, we are leaving your accounts ACTIVE (unless you ask us to STOP YOUR RESULTS).

What this means to you:

  • Your existing monthly rate will stay in place.
  • You will continue to be able to book sessions right away.
  • No changes or paperwork is needed
  • Your monthly membership will remain intact

Booking sessions:  Each month on your payment date you will receive 12 team training sessions credits to book.  After completing your sessions 12 sessions you will need to request additional session credits at no additional cost.     With the new space, accommodating this should not be an issue.  We need your help to make sure you SHOW UP for your sessions.


As with anything, we cannot fully anticipate the future so if we need to change this policy we will give you 30 days notice.  If you hold or deactivate your account your future enrollment will be based on our program structure at that time.

For those of you who would like to renew a Great Price + Get a Free 6-week Challenge, Quarantine 15 Fast Start + 30-50 Bonus session, and MORE you can still follow the reactivation process to help support our business and get amazing bonuses at no extra charge.   Take advantage of our new 2020 programs here

If you do not take action your legacy account will remain active and you will not be eligible for the bonuses unless you choose a new plan .

Lastly, I  want to again express my thanks.

Nobody can navigate a global pandemic flawlessly.   We do our best and adjust. 

I  hope you can see our intents are always high and with your success in mind.

Please accept my apologies.    

We have no desire to disrupt your happy hour, although we do need to make a number of adjustments so that we can all THRIVE together STRONGER here at Results TC!

Committed to your success,

Coach Matt

Results Transformation Center

P.S.  If for any reason you do not wish to continue with Results, please accept my thanks for your support.  We will handle your request if you complete the information here.