I hope you had a happy Independence Day weekend.

We are “officially” halfway into the year 2020.

A year for the history books indeed.

Now we can spend our time in the history books, reliving the past ….


We can get to creating a new chapter in our history by making the most of the PRESENT!

Right now it’s time to charter a new path for the rest of the year and for your future.

There has been a lot of focus on COMMUNITY HEALTH and how we REACT to the headlines.

There has not been nearly enough focus on individual health including physical and mental health on ourselves during the first half of this year.

Let’s face it, we have been in a period of sacrifice.

We put aside our own self-interest for the benefit of everyone.

For everyone, there are short term consequences (some good, some not so good)

For many others, there are LONG TERM consequences.

Now you know I don’t want to get into a debate with ANYONE about the serious nature of the times we live in.

As a coach and someone who’s committed themselves to community wellness improvement, I need to shoot straight with you.

There are REAL and PRESENT concerns to the health of our community if we allow this “moment” to become an “our new reality”.


For many of that means you walking back through our doors

And for EVERYONE that means its time to GET MOVING & EAT CLEAN!

That is why I am really excited about the start of our Quarantine 15.   It’s our 15 Day Fast Start designed to reboot your metabolism and detox from what we stuffed in our face during the shelter in place.

100% of our ACTIVE members will be added to our Quarantine 15 at NO COST.

And if you are an inactive member, past or a Past MEMBER you can get in for only $79.

Everyone who participates will be empowered with 

  • Brand new ResultsAnywhere.Club - Live & on Demand Sessions 

  • 6 Step Success Guide

  • Quarantine 15 Success e-Handbook

  • Private Support Group

  • Meal Plan

  • Recipies 

  • Team Training in Club

  • Fast Start guide - consider it the “cheat sheet” of the program.

Plus we will have prizes for ACCOUNTABILITY & COMPLIANCE and TOP RESULTS!

You can do this program from ANYWHERE, including our Results Transformation Center, online or BOTH!

It’s time to write the next chapter in your story.

This 15 Day Fast Start is a quick and easy way to RESET your 2020!

Remember, if you still need to re-activate your membership program you can do so by clicking here

If you would simply like to join us for the Quarantine 15 without a membership click here.

In these uncertain times one thing you can be certain is.  We are committed to your success.

Let’s do this.


Coach Matt

Results Transformation Center


P.S.  The following is our current  Results TC center status

Results TC Sparks/Reno - All members active 

Results TC Rocklin/Roseville - All members active

Results TC Sacramento/University - Early Re-Activation Open 

Results TC Elk Grove - Early Re-Activation Open

Results TC Folsom - Early Re-Activation Open

Results TC West Sacramento - Early Re-Activation Open

Results TC Central, Sunrise & Natomas -  TBD - Reactivate at closes RTC