Life After the Challenge is a face to face live learning session designed to help our Fit Fam succeed long after the challenge is over

Our goal will be to connect you with additional tools that will help assist you in successful meal planning strategies, tools and resources for future goal setting plus a transformative discussion lead by accomplished Licensed Therapist and academic researcher Dr. Mondo Gonzalez.

Dr. Mondo has a successful practice, a comprehensive website and a passion centered around the Psychology of Weight Loss, he is no stranger to the Fit Fam as a past challenger and current member of Results he understands life during and after the challenge.

Dr. Mondo's exclusive research with former contestants of NBC's The Biggest Loser, and his practice experience as a Licensed Therapist, has made him the leading expert on the psychology behind obesity and drastic weight loss.

During this session we hope to help change the conversation about weight loss to address the core emotional reasons people struggle to sustain weight loss results.

Seating is limited to Results Members only.   To assure seating