The rules (simple):

90-Days from the completion of your program :

- Body Fat Reduction
- Weight Maintenance
- Modest Lean Body Mass increases

Completion of Weight Management University (online)

Each participants (primarily challenge and contest alumni) will also be asked to Reduce or Maintain the amount of pounds of body fat they start the program with.

At the end of the program regardless of where scale weight is, the participant will have earned a $100 Results product credit for completing Weight Management University and ending the challenge at or below the body fat pounds they started with.

There is no minimum pounds lost. The focus is losing body fat and or managing weight. The goal is to learn to live lean post challenge and have the additional accountability.

All successful participants will be entered into a drawing at the program completion date. The winner of the drawing will win a $1,000 Cash!


(Open exclusively to Members of Results Transformation Centers )